How To Take Really Good Care Of Your Metal Wheels

Posted on: 27 April 2019

Moto metal wheels are just one example of a company that produces solid metal wheel hubs for your vehicle. Most of what these companies make is meant for off-roading, mudding, or heavy duty work in places where other wheel hubs will not cut it. Since these wheel hubs work hard and play hard, you should do all you can to take care of them. Here are some tips on how to care for your carefully selected metal wheel hubs. 

Clean Them by Hand

You do not want to use a forceful blaster to clean these wheels. A car wash is okay because the sprayers never get as low as the tires, but you should never use a high PSI washer to clean mud, rocks, clay, or anything else off of these wheels. Doing so may cause them to be damaged, and you want to keep them looking really nice. As much as possible, hand-wash them after every mudding or off road adventure. 

Use a Mild Detergent Meant for Chrome Products

Most of these metal wheel hubs are partially or totally chrome-plated. As such, you should only use a mild detergent meant to clean chrome. Do not use any harsh chemicals that could eat away the chrome or etch it. If nothing else, ask the manufacturer what wheel cleaners they recommend, and then stick with those products only when you clean your wheels. 

If Big Chunks of Rock Get Stuck, Cut the Rocks to Get Them Out

All metal wheel hubs are really decorative in their own design. However, some do leave sizable openings that, on occasion, may end up with a large chunk of rock stuck in the wheel. This typically happens if you are off-roading up a rocky slope, or if you are mudding and there is an unknown chunk of rock stuck in the mud that ends up in the opening of the wheel hub. Rather than yank with all your might and try to remove it, which could cause scratches or dents in the hubs, find a trusty hammer and rock chisel, or a rock saw/concrete saw, to remove the chunk of rock carefully. It will help preserve the wheel hub's appearance and functionality. 

If a Rim Becomes Bent, Take It to a Wheel Shop

If a rim edge on one of the metal wheel hubs becomes bent, take the entire wheel hub to a tire and wheel repair shop. The shop can help fix and reshape the wheel hub so that you can drive on it safely again. Always inspect your wheel hubs after all of your messy outdoor adventures so that you do not accidentally continue to drive on a bent rim. 


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